Friday, March 23, 2012


pale to the bone

pale eggshells walking

to select you

my teacup

frail and frozen to be the chosen one

delicate blue suits

flowered corsage upon my wrist

scrolling silver patterns

gold rims shining

and handles ornate and plain

sitting along the wall

like a junior high dance


to be my lucky date for today's tea

orange and black and green

to drink and think

and be at peace

which one of you will I take with me?

pale to select the cup

that warms my hand and leads the dance

and finds a beautiful romance in

sipping mint and steeping leaves

gold watch clicking

silver sideburns peek

at how long it takes to be the chosen one

wanting for you to be everything

in this moment of honey and grace

it isn’t right that I expect so much

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